Our experience is your Advantage

Our experience is your Advantage

Our experienced team draws on extensive industry knowledge and has a commitment to outstanding results, seeing themselves as your partner in success.

Vantage Strata represents a new era of strata management service in and around the ACT and NSW. One which recognises multi unit apartment, townhouse and mixed use strata developments are more than just bricks and mortar. These properties are living, breathing communities, and their management requires more than a reactive approach.

Our experienced team draws on extensive industry knowledge and has a commitment to outstanding results, seeing themselves as your partner in success.

Vantage Strata represents a new era of strata management service in and around the ACT and NSW. One which recognises multi unit apartment, townhouse and mixed use strata developments are more than just bricks and mortar. These properties are living, breathing communities, and their management requires more than a reactive approach.

Our Approach


Vantage Strata believes the standard industry business model is broken and has led to poor outcomes for Owners Corporations. In basic terms, the traditional strata manager is invariably performing such a high volume of tasks of both high and low level, they are unlikely to deliver an adequate level of service.



In response to this problem, Vantage Strata have structured our business with a strong focus on centralisation of certain specialised tasks. This is achieved through the creation of departments so the Owners Corporation’s needs are attended to within a shorter turnaround time and in greater depth. Our Strata Managers are able to devote their time to focus on providing advice to Executive Committees based on their specialised knowledge and application of unit titles legislation.

The same way a Strata Manager is a source of specialised knowledge on legislation relevant to owners, our other departments such as Facilities and Maintenance, Finance, and Administration and Meetings can be relied upon for their own departmental expertise. Of course, the Strata Manager oversees the function of other departments and will remain your primary point of contact.

Setting new industry benchmarks


A clear line can be drawn between the service delivery outcomes of a Strata Management business and how that business compares to industry KPI’s. In order to provide the level of service we believe strata management needs to deliver, we consistently achieve above industry standard in key service metrics

Support Staff to Strata Manager Ratio

While Strata Mangers fill the key management position in relation to the management of an Owners Corporation, the personnel who support the Strata Manager are of equal importance. The reality is that support staff underpin the operation of Strata Management.

Vantage Strata – 2.3:1

Industry Standard – 1.4:1

*Support Staff (not including Building Managers) : Strata Manager

Buildings to Strata Manager Ratio

  Vantage Strata

  Industry Standard

The standard industry business model typically results in an individual management portfolio consisting of up to 60 buildings per Strata Manager. With such high building numbers, it is impossible for a Strata Manager to have meaningful knowledge across their portfolio.

Units to Strata Manager Ratio

  Vantage Strata

  Industry Standard

Our business model of fewer buildings per portfolio has not been achieved at the expense of a higher ratio of units per Strata Manager. Our unit per manager ratio sits well below the industry average. 

Our People

Your strata team provides reliable and efficient strata, facilities and onsite building management.

Our People

Your strata team provides reliable and efficient strata, facilities and onsite building management.

Executive Team


Rupert Cullen

Chief Executive Officer

About Rupert

A seasoned property professional with an impressive 25-year journey within Corporate Real Estate, Asset and Project Management. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Rupert boasts a distinguished track record in executing real estate transactions, developing strategic plans, and portfolio optimization strategies. He currently leads the Vantage Strata Group.

Rupert is renowned for his prowess in developing comprehensive business and asset plans, coupled with his astute expertise in lifecycle costing analysis. His area of expertise lies in representing Landlords with expansive corporate and government tenanted properties, a testament to his understanding of the intricate dynamics at play. Notably, Rupert possesses a sharp acumen for identifying and nurturing potential business opportunities within the daily operations of a building, underpinned by his management experience, operational knowledge, and analytical skills.

Rupert forges meaningful connections across all levels of business personnel, a skill that has been pivotal in his professional career. With his holistic understanding of the property industry, Rupert continues to exemplify a blend of strategic vision, operational rigor, and an unwavering commitment to building lasting partnerships and fostering growth.


Chris Miller

Director of Business Development

About Chris

The foremost expert on the interpretation and application of strata legislation within the ACT, Chris Miller has decades of experience in the property sector, predominantly in strata management and commercial property consulting.

Chris has always had an “on the tools” involvement in all areas of strata management, from day-to-day administration of Units Plans, to providing advice in relation to new developments and precincts, as well as providing advice to local industry and government in relation to the changing legislative environment.

As a past President and a founding member of the ACT chapter of Strata Community Australia, Chris is afforded the opportunity to forge new paths for the strata industry. Chris is currently working alongside the Chief Minister’s Office and organisations such as The Owners Corporation Network to see positive change to the current landscape.


Mick McIntyre

Chief Financial Officer

About Mick

Mick McIntyre commenced his career in 2000 as a business manager and accountant focusing in business services, tax, and commercial accounting.

Mick’s experience in the strata industry began in 2010, and he has a strong interest in providing consistent, commercial, and valuable services to strata clients of all sizes.

Being CFO of Vantage Strata, Mick understands that the health, strategy, and culture of the business is paramount to nurturing a positive and productive team, with the skills and willingness to consistently deliver high quality service and results for our clients.

As well as being a Certified Practicing Accountant, Mick also holds an MBA and has completed the AICD Company Directors Course, to form a skillset and perspective “beyond the numbers” in servicing both the Vantage Strata business, and its clients.


Jarrod Smith

Group General Manager

About Jarrod

Originally from the South Coast, Jarrod has experienced varying professional backgrounds from a young age.

Jarrod credits being raised by a family with strong work ethics and a value system based on good customer service as key factors in shaping his career choices and philosophy of helping people.

Jarrod was introduced to the Strata industry in 2009 due to a passion for both problem solving and property. With Strata Management experience spanning over a decade, Jarrod has developed the necessary experience to specialise in all types of Strata related developments from Mixed Use, Commercial, Residential, BMC’s, Community Title, Community Association, and all Stratum Developments.

Jarrod has been responsible for managing four separate offices across the Eastern Seaboard which included Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, and Melbourne, and over 85 staff. Jarrod has been recognised by the Strata industry body, Strata Community Australia, as a potential future leader which motivates him to influence better outcomes for Strata Communities.

Jarrod’s role as Group General Manager includes all offices that are operating under the Vantage Strata brand. Jarrod oversees the day-to-day operations from staff to client engagement and is responsible for the training and development of staff, managing profitability, growth and retention of the business whilst adhering to all legislative and company requirements along with the necessary reporting to key stakeholders. Jarrod will assist in providing strategic direction to the business and be involved with innovations that the company may adopt at times.


Senior Leadership


Kirrilly Gregerson

Employee Experience Manager

About Kirrilly

Kirrilly commenced her career in Strata Management in 2011 and her passion for the industry has continued to grow with each passing year since. Her dedication to providing quality service has supported the opportunity to form many valued connections with clients, colleagues, and industry connections over the years.

Kirrilly’s regard for compliance paired with a passion for understanding legislative requirements allows her to continue to overcome complex and unique situations which require a delicate approach in managing.

During her career Kirrilly has completed a Certificate IV in Strata Community Services and the SCA A100 course. Through mentoring several young women, Kirrilly built strong leadership qualities and gained a genuine desire to help her industry peers develop and achieve their goals. Not wanting to leave the industry behind but in need of a change, in 2023 she was extended the opportunity to shift focus from hands-on portfolio management, and stepped into a role focussed on training, development and Human Resources.

Kirrilly is an avid supporter for all who work in the industry, and especially proud to be able to advocate and lead the way for women levelling up and reaching their goals in a supportive, professional environment.


Nadzirah Jalil

General Manager for Operations, Kuala Lumpur

About Nadzirah

Nadzirah, a native of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, embarked on her professional journey by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Finance in 2015. This academic foundation laid the groundwork for her subsequent accomplishments in the corporate world. Early in her career, Nadzirah joined Deloitte, a prominent audit firm in Malaysia, gaining invaluable experience in the field. Demonstrating exceptional dedication and skill, she transitioned to the banking sector at the age of 23, honing her expertise in General Ledger and Reporting. Since 2016, Nadzirah has consistently contributed to the realms of Finance and Accounting, showcasing her commitment to excellence in these critical business functions.

Building on her academic achievements and early career experiences, Nadzirah’s professional trajectory has been marked by a commendable commitment to the financial sector. Her tenure at Deloitte, a renowned audit firm, provided her with a solid foundation, fostering a keen understanding of financial intricacies. The pivotal move into Banking, particularly in the specialized domains of General Ledger and Reporting, highlights Nadzirah’s adaptability and desire for continuous growth. Over the years, she has played a vital role in Finance and Accounting, leveraging her skills to navigate the complexities of these fields. Nadzirah’s journey serves as a testament to her resilience and expertise, positioning her as a valuable asset in the dynamic landscape of finance.


Abby Vincent

Pod Leader

About Abby

Originally from New South Wales, Abby embarked on her professional journey in the retail sector, cultivating a robust foundation in customer service and relationship management. Despite obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, Abby discovered her passion for the property industry, ultimately finding her niche in Strata Management.

Abby’s transition into Strata Management has been marked by her ability to seamlessly integrate her diverse skills. Armed with a degree in Nutrition and a background in Art, Abby possesses a rare combination of analytical and creative thinking. This distinctive skill set equips her to approach challenges in the Strata industry with a fresh perspective, allowing her to think outside the conventional boundaries and implement innovative solutions for Owners Corporations. Abby’s commitment to client service, effective communication, and adept problem-solving not only distinguishes her in the field but also serves as a testament to the existence of exemplary Strata Management under her stewardship.


Tiarna Stekovic

Pod Leader

About Tiarna

Bringing a wealth of experience to Vantage Strata, Tiarna’s professional journey in the real estate field commenced in 2012. Her early exposure to the industry sparked a particular interest in multistorey and mixed-use developments, ultimately leading her to specialise in Strata Management. Tiarna’s enthusiasm for her role extends beyond the technical aspects, as she genuinely enjoys the diverse interactions with people and embraces the daily challenges that come with Strata Management, finding the field inherently interesting.

Tiarna’s professional commitment is complemented by her warm and relatable personality, creating a positive impact on her client relationships. Known for going above and beyond, she consistently strives to deliver the best possible service to those she serves. Outside of her professional endeavours, Tiarna’s interests extend to her personal life, where she spends quality time with her young family. Whether it’s fishing, camping, cooking, or entertaining friends and family, Tiarna’s vibrant pursuits outside of work contribute to her well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle.


Robin Marks

Managing Director Newcastle & NSW

About Robin

Born and raised in South Africa, Robin spent some twenty-five years in a banking career holding various management positions, including managing a ‘flagship’ branch. Always having had an underlying passion for property and seeking a new challenge, Robin moved into a position within the real estate industry, soon after becoming a franchisee. After immigrating to Australia, Robin resumed his career in the property sector, specialising in Strata Management.

Through taking care of a large diverse portfolio of properties, Robin has gained an excellent knowledge of the industry and the various components thereof. Robin brings a strong financial mindset, coupled with a solid operational background to the group, along with a wealth of Strata Management experience which affords him a high level of understanding in terms of what executive committees, owners and residents expect.


Brittany Durand

Department Manager – Accounts & Finance (ACT)

About Brittany

Originally from Seattle, Washington – Brittany received her Bachelor’s Degree in journalism and Finance from Western Washington University. Shortly after graduation, Brittany began her professional career as a customer and sales representative for a building materials company prior to her move to Australia in 2014.

After settling into Canberra, Brittany started in a role as a secretary in a private firm looking after a wide range of clients eventually making her way to the Management and Onboarding Team. During this time, she developed a thorough understanding of client management, customer service, and all things organisation.

Brittany started at Vantage Strata in 2019 and is dedicated to delivering an efficient and constructive service. Having a background in finance, paired with years of customer service and management experience, makes her a dynamic addition to the Vantage Team.

Outside of work, Brittany loves travelling and camping with her husband Ben, and dog Murphy.


Daniel Leskovec

Pod Leader

About Daniel

Originally from Central Victoria, Daniel started his career in the retail and sales sector where he developed a strong customer service and relationship focus. While Daniel recognised this focus was the right direction for him, he did not enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big city but also wanted something more than the quiet country lifestyle.

After moving to Canberra, Daniel started work in a logistical role which further stressed the need for good relationships before moving into the Public Service. He found his customer service values were of great value to his clients who often felt lost dealing with the big wheels of Government.

After several years in various client-driven and community-focused roles, Daniel moved on from the Public Service to begin a new career in Real Estate, which had long been an area of interest, and subsequently found his way into Strata Management. Daniel commenced working in Strata Management in 2014 and says his focus on client service and communication has been effective in proving that good Strata Management does exist.

After joining Vantage, Daniel took an active role in leading and training the team, as one of the first Strata Team Leaders and found that he thrived in supporting the Strata Managers in his team as they dealt with the myriad of issues that are brought up in their roles. As both the team and the business continued to grow the opportunity to continue to provide this support to the entire team as the Branch manager for Canberra, was a challenge and an opportunity Daniel was eager to take on.


Our Culture


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Druker