Our time with Vantage Strata commenced from the early stage of a new building when there are many challenging issues, including a new and inexperienced Executive Committee. The Principal of Vantage Strata was invaluable during this time. Chris’ office administrative team have a wonderfully positive attitude to assisting us whenever we need.

They also offer training for Executive Committees, they have a facilities manager and they are able to provide advice on budgets and finances and assist with project management.

We elected to continue with Vantage Strata recently during a tender process for the renewal of the strata management for the building, a testament to the quality of service we’ve received in the last 2 years.

Renewing Executive Committee Chair

The Vantage systems team leader has clever innovative solutions and suggestions when asked about communicating with residents. He regularly creates surveys, and listens to our requirements and generates technical wizardry from our ideas!

Advice from Vantage has allowed us to replace contracted gardeners with a resident group, which has fostered a wonderful sense of community and saved us all a large amount. And our gardens are now looking gorgeous!

Our executive committee is very proud of the progress made in our community which would not been achieved without the fabulous friendly team of professionals who make up Vantage Strata.

Current Executive Committee Members

Vantage Strata saved our UP from complete disaster and brought everything quickly and efficiently under control. In no small part, the General Manager and team from Vantage took over our accounts, tidied up our finances, which were in a complete mess, arranged and managed the contracting for long overdue remediation building works. We would highly recommend Vantage Strata and their team to any UP in similar or a difficult situation.

Current Executive Committee Chair

“Vantage Strata provide our large complex with consistently good service. They proactively suggest solutions to issues before they become big problems. Their staff provide prompt service, dealing with them is a breeze.

Our complex is better cared for, better maintained and an all-over generally better place to live and visit thanks to their work”.

Current Executive Committee Chair

Our building has 240 residential units and eight commercial businesses in the core of the Belconnen Town Centre. With a very diverse
resident population, strata management needed to cope with a range of complex situations which often required sensitive resolutions.
Vantage Strata were agile and innovate enough to create a willing and uncompromising partnership, bringing this Owners Corporation
to a level of effectiveness now envied across the city’s body corporates.
The introduction of the online portal is proving to be very effective, relieving the committee of a number of issues of concern that existed previously.

Current Executive Committee Chair