In our view, the role of building manager is to be the eyes and ears of your building, ensuring the critical daily systems and processes are running smoothly, and responding to matters which arise during the course of an ordinary day.


Our commitment to customer service means your Building Manager will assist with the following:

After Hours Access

We understand the stress that can arise from after hours emergencies. Our staff are available 24/7 to eliminate these pressures.

Quality Control Inspections

Our quality control officer ensures your building is being maintained to the highest degree.


We understand the importance of acting as a link between the Owners Corporation and the Strata Manager.

Onsite Induction

Through your Building Manager, service providers understand the processes and procedures for your building.

Security Management

We make sure your building is kept safe through management of CCTV and access management.


Our team provide reports on the daily activities at your building to afford the Executive Committee oversight through transparency.